Eminem Returns to Film in ‘Random Acts of Violence’

EminemWhen Eminiem makes a comeback, he really makes a comeback. Fresh off the success of his album, Recovery’s, success as the year’s biggest-selling album and not to mention a few Grammy nominations, the rapper formerly known as Marshall Mathers intends to take the lead in Random Acts of Violence.

The 20th Century Fox crime thriller was originally meant as an offshoot of the hit video game Grand Theft Auto (big surprise), but the game company wouldn’t give up the rights. After attempting to make a knockoff of the game, the studio shifted gears to the gritty style of 8 Mile with the help of David Von Ancken, although with his TV heavy track record we’ll see if he can really bring enough depth to the project to pull it out of its video game roots.

The studio says the project will be more akin to The Town or The Departed, but we’ll have to wait and see. I personally wasn’t onboard with Eminem’s performance in 8 Mile and if they hope to have a character-driven crime thriller like those films, I’m not sure Eminem is the right horse. Leonardo DiCaprio could carry any movie with his charisma and despite his hiccups Ben Affleck is charming enough to garner attention as a leading man, but when you put Eminem in that same situation, I don’t know that the result will be quite as appealing.

Source: NY Mag