Emma Roberts and AnnaSophia Robb Will Be Loud and Colorful in ‘Anything but Ordinary’

Emma RobertsRemember when you were younger, and someone would bring up Tuesday and you’d immediately think orange? Well, that’s a disease. But don’t worry—you’re probably fine.

It’s called synesthesia. It’s the automatic connection of one cognitive sense to another. And either Emma Roberts or AnnaSophia Robb is going to get it, after a four-year diving board-induced coma. The film Anything but Ordinary, to be directed by Sanaa Hamri (Just WrightSisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, and a Prince video), follows the story of a seventeen year-old diving prodigy who incurs an injury during Olympic trials that lands her in a coma for four years. She wakes up when she is twenty-one, which, on its own, is pretty miraculous—and it’s a much sweeter story than that of the last woman who woke up from a four-year coma.

After her awakening, the girl notices that she has developed synesthesia. As the Hollywood Reporter puts it, she begins to process “words and numbers through color, the third dimension and sound.” It’s an abstract concept, so we shouldn’t expect to be able to wrap our heads around it just yet. But it should be a very interesting film.

Applicably, the movie will be very music-driven. It’s possible that the girl will come to use music in order to function and understand her surroundings and ideas more properly.

Everything so far about this film seems intriguing. The story is also in the process of being written as a book by author Lara Avary.

Source: Hollywood Reporter