Emma Roberts & More Join ‘Celeste And Jesse Forever’

emma robertsVery excellent news on the whole women-actually-making-funny-comedies front. Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg will act alongside a whole batch of great actors in Celeste and Jesse Forever. We’ve got some info on the story (which Jones helped write) and yeah, it’s gonna be good. Samberg and Jones play a couple that try to remain friends after their divorce and attempt to live together. Emma Roberts will play a starlet that hires Jones to get her out of her slump (could apply to both metaphorically don’t ‘cha think). Chris Messina will play a financial analyst (read: nerd) who aids Jones in getting over Samberg and Ari Graynor will play the usual college friend that doesn’t agree with Jones’ situation. I’m really digging this; it’s a simple premise with a lot of wiggle room for really good character work. Add on to the fact that Rashida Jones is quite simply crazy talented and yeah, again, it’s gonna be good.

Source: Variety