Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield, Tom Hardy Top BAFTA’s Rising Star Noms

Emma StoneThe list of the five nominees for BAFTA’s 2011 Rising Star award is out, and it looks like the competition is pretty tight. Already fairly big names Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield lead the pack; both have already landed starring roles in the upcoming Spiderman reboot (Garfield also wowed us in The Social Network and Never Let Me Go while Stone of course, led her own hit in September with Easy A). But the other nominees are top notch as well, Inception’s Tom Hardy, Kick-Ass’s Aaron Johnson, and Prince of Persia’s Gemma Arterton all made the list as well. It truly is a jam-packed list; all of these stars have had great years in big-time films and they’ve all got potential for superstardom oozing from their pores, but we’ll have to see who the public chooses when the open vote ends on Feb. 13.

Whichever of these stars – who are all on the rise no matter what final vote says – wins the illustrious honor will be able to count themselves among the likes of past winners James McAvoy (2006), Eva Green (2007), Shia LaBeouf (2008), and Kristen Stewart (2010). I don’t know that being on the same list as Kristen Stewart is necessarily a good thing, but hey, she’s rolling in Twilight money and she’s got plenty of roles on her plate, including one in an adaptation of the Kerouac classic On The Road, so I guess it can’t be that bad, eh?

Source: Hollywood Reporter