Emma Stone Caught In Spider-Man’s Web?

Emma StoneOnce news broke that Andrew Garfield will be the next Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Marc Webb’s reboot, the next big question was who will play the love interest? In the last three movies Kirsten Dunst played Mary Jane Watson, but Sony threw the nerds of the world a curve ball (sorry, a curve ball is a pitch in baseball which is particularly hard to hit because it suddenly curves. Baseball is… oh never mind) when they said Mary Jane Watson was not going to be the main love interest and there will in fact be two! Hold on to your pants nerds! Nerds still wear pants, right?

Anyway, a few casting rumors. Sudden (but not surprising) it-girl Emma Stone has read for a role in the 3D project. After the strong showing and great critical response of Stone’s Easy A, the next logical next step would be a blockbuster super hero flick for the lovable and raspy voiced red head. The thing that is surprising about this is how people are shocked that Stone is funny and can carry a movie herself. Of course she can! She’s hilarious and gorgeous and has red hair. Seems like the most obvious thing in the world.

Next up is indie-darling Mia Wasikowska who recently starred in the better-than-you-would-think The Kids Are All Right and the low budget, art house flick Alice in Wonderland from up and coming, super normal guy Tim Burton. Wasikowska is being toted to play Gwen Stacy, a part played by Bryce Dallas Howard in Spider-Man 3 (and if you forgot about that, don’t worry, most people have too). Super nerd (and my editor) Danny told me that Stacy was mainly the love interest of Peter Parker during his high school years (which is the setting of this reboot) while Watson was his next door neighbor. And since he has threatened to beat me up if I dare think he is wrong by looking it up to verify, I’ll just go with it (read his take on the potential casting picks here.) Yes, my dignity is just fine, thank you very much. Other ladies looking to join the franchise in one of the many female roles (like Felicia Hardy, Liz Allen and Betty Brant) possibly up for grabs include Ophelia Lovibond, Teresa Palmer and Imogen Poots.

Sources: Variety and Hollywood Insider