Emma Stone in Talks to Join Will Ferrell’s ‘He’s F*ckin’ Perfect’

Emma StoneIf I had a time-machine…correction, when I have a time-machine, one of my first orders of business would be traveling ahead to 2029 and seeing just how much of Hollywood is consumed by Emma Stone. Omnipresent superstars are not as prevalent today as they were in the classic era of film. You had your Hepburns, your Bergmans, your Taylors, your Monroes…today, Hollywood is so densely populated with such a wide variety of actors, you’d be hard-pressed to pinpoint a single name to embody the idea of fame. But in eighteen years (rough estimate), we’ll see a crown of glamor placed upon the head of Emma Stone.

Her latest potential project: a script by first-timer Lauryn Kahn, to be produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay (he wrote and directed both Anchorman and Step Brothers) called He’s F*ckin’ Perfect.

The lead will be a cynical girl whose role in her close (or assumedly so) group of female friends is to utilize her investigative prowess to find out the dark secrets about all of the guys her friends begin dating. To clarify: when one of this young lady’s friends meets a new guy, she (the role intended for Stone, presumably) dives right into the social media world to discover any undesirable piece of information that the Internet has to offer on aforesaid man.

Here’s the twist: one of her friends meets a guy that she deems absolutely perfect…for herself. Thus, she deters her friend from dating him, and, through the same techniques she uses to oust guys from her group’s life, figures out the constituents of his ideal woman, then feigns them. It has the potential of good comedy, and Stone’s charm could make such a harsh character seem worthy of our affections.

So, perhaps we’ll see this merging of Ferrell’s/McKay’s trademark style and Stone’s unsoluble grace in the form of He’s F*ckin’ Perfect. One thing’s for sure: we should expect a title change.

Source: Indiewire