‘Empire Strikes Back’ As a GIF (Seriously, the Entire Movie As a GIF)

Empire Strikes BackThere are some very confusing rules about the way the contemporary world must handle Star Wars. Nine out of ten fans of the original trilogy will chastise the prequels and admonish George Lucas for his retroactive edits. But this doesn’t mean that there is no room in the present day for a new take on the classic movies. You just have to handle the situation delicately. Tastefully. Artfully. You know, like with a GIF.

The Empire Strikes Back, often credited as the best of the Star Wars movies, is now a GIF. Truth be told, the below creation — the entire film (sans sound and dialogue), from Luke’s face-off with the wampa in the caves of Hoth straight through his battle with Darth Vader, recreated as a two-minute long 8-bit animation — actually hit the Internet in 2010, dating back to the site The Chive. The ingenious piece of work has resurfaced via Reddit, and is watchable below.

Be you a Star Wars purist or not, you have to admit that this is awesome. Perhaps the defining piece of art for our generation. So watch it. Rewatch it. Share it. Make it your desktop. Get it tattooed on your upper back. Reenact it. Fund a big-budget production of a live-action version of it. Get famous actors to star in it, like Harrison Ford. Wait… no. That’s just the movie.

Jedi Mind Tricks are afoot…


[Image Credit: Lucasfilm]


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