‘End of Watch’ Trailer: Bald Jake Gyllenhaal Gets His ‘Training Day’

Jake GyllenhaalThe trailer for Jake Gyllenhaal‘s upcoming crime drama End of Watch has made its way online, and it shows a Jake we’ve never seen before: totally bald! Oh, and as a police officer.

Gyllenhaal plays a cop alongside onscreen partner/lifelong friend Michael Pena in the found-footage-esque (as far as the camerawork goes) film, which centers on the not-always-predictable dangers they face patrolling L.A.’s mean streets. Anna Kendrick also stars as Gyllenhaal’s wife.

If End of Watch sounds and/or looks like Training Day — and, as you’ll see, the latter is definitely true — it’s not really a coincidence: The movie is written and directed by David Ayer, who scripted the 2001 Denzel Washington starrer. Check out the trailer for yourself, below.


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