How Many Video Game Homages Can You Spot in the New ‘Ender’s Game’ Trailer?

Video games. More powerful than literature, than film, than even the ubiquitous grasp of the mighty reality series in contorting our malleable brains. Video games have hypnotised us into thinking of grand theft auto as a pastime, as magic mushrooms as a viable source of nutrition, as hedgehogs as creatures of impressive speeds. They’ve even wormed their way into other artistic media: notably, the upcoming film adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s 1985 science-fiction adventure novel Ender’s Game. The latest trailer for the Gavin Hood movie is so densely jam-packed with classic video game homages from the arcade era that you’ll feel compelled to insert a quarter into your computer screen for a second round.

Can you spot them all? Here are a few we noticed…


Credit: Summit Entertainment


Credit: Summit Entertainment


Credit: Summit Entertainment

There are even a slew of asteroids in the black sky of space that might conjur up a familiar image… look for others, and catch Ender’s Game in theaters on Nov. 1.

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