Eric Roberts Has 57 Movies in Production… Including ‘Human Centipede III’

Credit: Bobby Bank/WireImage

There’s no rest for the Wicked Within star Eric Roberts. Best known perhaps for his Oscar-nominated role in Runaway Train, for his more recent turn as a crime lord in The Dark Knight, or for rearing model/actress Emma Roberts, the thespian lays claim to another remarkable feat of unsung heroism: according to IMDb, Roberts presently has 57 movies in production.

With statuses ranging from pre-production to completion, Roberts’ many prospects for 2013 and beyond inhabit the genres of comedy, drama, action, sci-fi, crime, thriller, and the uncategorizable: Entertainment Weekly reports that Roberts will be starring in the highly dreaded The Human Centipede III.

In addition to the 57 films in question, Roberts also has a handful of titles announced for the future and a couple of television appearances. Bravo, Mr. Roberts. Your work ethic puts the rest of us to shame.

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