Eva Longoria Stunned by Labor Conditions for U.S. Immigrants

Eva Longoria hopes her new documentary highlights the plight of Latin American immigrants trying to survive in the U.S., after spending a day working alongside them.

While researching the new film with labor activist Dolores Huertas, sexy Longoria agreed to go undercover to see just what life is like for struggling immigrants – and she was shocked by what she uncovered.

The Desperate Housewives star, whose family hails from Mexico, tells Maxim magazine, “We’re documenting a day in the life of an immigrant worker, just to show how hard these people work – how they slave away just for us to have a salad at the Chateau Marmont (top Los Angeles hotel).

“I spent a day out in the field, and it’s horrendous. It’s an exploitation of people who leave everything behind: their country, their family, their lives, their language, their religion. They leave it all behind to come here and make $5 a day.

“My hope is that the documentary will educate people about what’s going on.”

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