Exclusive: ‘Gone’ Star Amanda Seyfried Talks ‘Lovelace’ and ‘Les Miserables’


17967074.jpgIn the new thriller Gone, Amanda Seyfried plays the only surviving victim of a serial killer she believes may have returned to abduct her sister. Dismissed as a paranoid crackpot by the authorities, she endeavors to track down the killer herself, encountering one shady character after another (it’s set in Portland, so there are a plenty of them) in her quest for clues. But as her search grows more frantic, doubts about her sanity begin to mount.

Seyfried was a little loopy herself when I caught up with her last week. Having just recently wrapped the porn star biopic Lovelace, the after-effects of which she’s “still working through,” and gearing up to start work on the star-studded movie musical Les Miserables, the famously doe-eyed (only Zooey Deschanel rivals her in that department) 26-year-old had just enough time to slip in a whirlwind round of promotion on behalf of Gone, which opens in theaters this Friday. Then again, she’s always been a tad on the eccentric side, which only adds to her charm.

Click on the video below to hear Seyfried talk about playing crazy in Gone, the intensity of her Lovelace experience, and the rigors of preparing for Les Mis, in which she’ll sing for the first time on-screen since 2009’s Mamma Mia!:

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