Exclusive Interview With Clash of the Titans Star Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington is quite the popular actor these days. Since breaking out last year with starring roles in Avatar and Terminator Salvation, the boisterous young Aussie has been the subject of casting rumors attaching his name to nearly every studio action or sci-fi franchise now in development. And while some of the speculation amounts to little more than fanboy fantasy (one site had him pegged to replace Christian Bale as Batman), it’s abundantly clear that we’ll be seeing much more of Worthington at the multiplex in years to come. 

This week, Worthington faces a fearsome assortment of Hellenic gods and monsters as the demigod Perseus in Louis Leterrier’s update of the 1981 sword and sandals epic Clash of the Titans, a film he hopes will spawn a series of sci-fi adventures inspired by Greek mythology. In an exclusive interview with Hollywood.com, Worthington discussed the perils of remaking a cult classic, the joys of wearing a gladiator miniskirt, and his one prerequisite for starring in an Avatar sequel:

Clash of the Titans opens Friday, April 2, 2010.