Exclusive Interview With “Wee-Man” From The Jackass Crew!

JackassThanks to the release of Jackass 3D on Blu-ray, we were given an exclusive interview with one of its stars, Jason “Wee-Man” Acuna!

As the group’s go-to little person, Wee Man has popped out of trunks, ollied as an Oompa Loompa and glued himself to Preston Lacey’s chest. There isn’t anything the guy won’t do for a laugh and we talked to him about everything from Charlie Sheen to becoming a mini-Preston to what makes a great taco.

First up, I have to know, was that really you with Preston doing the switch with the dog? I honestly couldn’t tell.

Yeah, we got a mold of Preston’s face and put it on. They made a fat suit and that was me.

Seems like a lot of work for a simple prank.

Well we went out and filmed all day. That was the first thing we got. And then we went and filmed all day after that trying to get more footage. But we did stuff in the Mobster scene, the music video style, did stuff in that with it but we tried to jump tracks and stuff like that.

Will we see any of it on Jackass 3.5?

Probably more fat guy switcheroo in 3.5.

You’re the owner of a Chronic Taco Restaurant. What’s the secret to a great taco?

Gotta cook it with love. We also sprinkle a little fairy dust on everything (laughs).

Sounds delicious. When does a prank go too far?

Never (laughs).

So you’re willing to push a prank to any extreme?

(enthusiastically) Hell yeah! If it’s for a movie, hell yeah.

Do you like getting pranked or would you rather pull the prank?

I’m good with both. Because I know pulling one will get something good but being pranked we’ll end up with good footage too.

Is there anything off limits for you? Anything you don’t want done to you or anything you don’t want to do?

Nope (laughs).

Ballsy. Have you had an idea that got cut or weren’t able to pull off?

Not that I know of right now. We’ve filmed so much, you know what I mean?

Jackass High Five

Right. Is there a favorite one that you came up with?

When we were doing the high-five with every body I was luring everyone in. Bam missed his flight so he didn’t come till the next day. So then I said we should antique him and cover it in flour. That was probably the only thing in the whole movie I wrote.

And it was awesome. When you’re not doing Jackass, what takes up most of your time?

Skateboarding and the restaurant. I have sponsors and stuff, I do my own boards. Like Indy, Ok Wheelhouse, Von Zipper, Monster Energy sponsor me and they send me out on stuff too.

Have you been seriously injured?

No, I haven’t yet. We’ve somehow, knock on wood, never been injured.

What’s your take on Charlie Sheen mess?

At first it was very humorous, now I’m over it. He just came out and gave us a bunch of himself and now I’m like over it.

What do your parents think about your involvement with Jackass?

My dad loves it, my mom thinks it’s crazy. They’ve seen everything I’ve done and they’re happy.

How do other little people respond to your involvement with Jackass? Any hate mail?

They just know that I’m the head midget in charge and they can tell by that and everything I do in Jackass. And I don’t get hate mail or anything like that. Other little guys go around saying they’re me, but they’re not.

Whats next for you? Another Jackass?

I have no idea. But everyday I do new things. I gotta run the restaurant, I got new boards coming out. Everyday there is something new going on.