Exclusive Interviews: Sam Worthington and Jessica Chastain Talk ‘The Debt’

In John Madden’s new thriller The Debt, three Mossad agents are sent under deep cover to Berlin in 1965 to extract a notorious Nazi war criminal. Upon completing their mission, the trio are hailed as heroes, but their tale of triumph belies a terrible secret they share, one whose true consequences won’t be made apparent until four decades later.

With a gripping narrative and a superb cast (including Helen Mirren, Tom Wilkinson, Jessica Chastain, and Sam Worthington), it’s a wonder The Debt, which is actually a remake of the Israeli film Ha-Hov, has taken so long to reach theaters. The film was originally supposed to open on December 29 of last year, but lingering issues over the sale of its studio, Miramax, kept it on the shelf until Focus Features picked it up for distribution in February.

With The Debt set to finally open this Wednesday, we caught up with stars Worthington and Chastain for a pair of exclusive interviews:

Sam Worthington on taking a break from blockbusters, his disappointment with Clash of the Titans, his determination to make a better sequel, and the Avatar “bible” that James Cameron is busy assembling: