Watch Exclusive ‘Paranoia’ Clip: Don’t Make Harrison Ford Angry

In the new high stakes thriller Paranoia, Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford play two powerful tech billionaires with a bitter rivalry and a complicated past. Liam Hemsworth plays a new up-and-comer who, in his search for wealth and power, ends up stuck in between them. He eventually realizes that his life is in danger — but at that point it’s too late for him to walk away.

In this exclusive clip, Jock (Ford) wants Nicholas (Oldman) to sign a document, but Nicholas is none too pleased about the fact that Jock took all the credit for something Nicholas designed. Things get heated, and it definitely seems like Jock has the upper hand. Bottom line — don’t make Harrison Ford angry.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found my new catchphrase. 

Paranoia opens August 16th.

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