Exclusive: Stephen Moyer Explains Why He Took a Role in ‘The Double’ in Blu-ray Bonus Clip

In all my time as an entertainment journalist I’ve come to realize one thing about actors: they enjoy the thrill of their craft. Whether it’s getting to bungee jump off a bridge or drive a motorcycle through a crowd at top speeds, the adrenaline rush their job often provides seems to be more important a factor in their career choice than the pay. That said, True Blood star Stephen Moyer’s reasoning for taking on the role of a Soviet assassin in The Double is baffling.

In the video clip below, which is one of the bonus features on the film’s Blu-ray release (in stores January 31), Moyer explains that because his character Brutus didn’t have many scenes in the script compared to co-stars Topher Grace and Richard Gere, the ones he did have had to count, and the challenge of making the actions that the cold-blooded killer takes in the movie (including swallowing a handful of batteries) seem realistic was more enjoyable than you’d think.
Have a look at the clip, and be sure to check back with us early next week for our full review of The Double Blu-ray!  

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