Exclusive ‘Super 8’ Interviews: Kyle Chandler, Elle Fanning and More!

Thus far, much of the discussion surrounding J.J. AbramsSuper 8 has centered on its secretive production, its sophisticated marketing campaign, and its sweeping resemblance to the works of Steven Spielberg and Amblin Entertainment. Relatively little attention has been paid to its cast, which includes Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights’ Coach Taylor), wunderkind Elle Fanning (Somewhere), and a talented collection of erstwhile unknowns. Expect that to change this weekend, when the film finally unspools in theaters and audiences get a whiff of Super 8’s splendid ensemble. Forget train crashes and monsters and artificial lens flares – it’s the performances in this film that make it stand out above the din of hollow summer spectacles.

We caught up with the cast of Super 8 to find out what it’s like to live inside the Abrams mystery box:

Kyle Chandler interview:

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Super 8 opens everywhere June 10, 2011.