Exclusive ‘The Grey’ Interviews: Liam Neeson, Joe Carnahan and More

In Joe Carnahan’s man-versus-wild thriller The Grey, a group of roughneck oilmen survive a plane crash only to find themselves stranded in the frigid Alaskan wilderness. Short on supplies and surrounded by ravenous wolves, they might otherwise be well and truly f*cked if they didn’t count among their number the one man for whom such conditions are but a minor inconvenience: Liam Neeson. On the cusp of 60, Neeson grows more badass with each passing year, and he might very well be the only man alive who can credibly sell the scene at the end of this trailer.

We recently sat down with Carnahan, Neeson, and the rest of the cast of The Grey to talk about their testosterone-fueled, sub-zero adventure:

Liam Neeson Interview:

The Grey opens everywhere this Friday, January 27, 2012.

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