‘Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close’ Adds Two More

Jeffrey WrightThis is just getting sickening. Viola Davis and Jeffery Wright have joined the cast of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. That in and of itself isn’t sickening, but the whole project is just so sweet it’s giving me a stomach ache. We have Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock starring; both acclaimed Oscar winners. We have the director of The Reader, Stephen Daldry, a three-time Oscar nominated filmmaker, behind the camera. Eric Roth, he of Forrest Gump fame (and another Oscar winner) adapted the screenplay and the story deals with the effects of 9/11 and apparently has “heart break around every corner” not to mention a Jeopardy whiz kid in the main role. We even have John Goodman is a supporting role and he won an… umm… Emmy. See! Oscar bait, all of it. Blurgh.

Can we just go ahead and give it the Best Picture Oscar to make it go away? That’s what they’re going for, isn’t it? Let’s just all save ourselves the trouble, give them what they want and then they’ll leave us alone forever.

Source: The Playlist