Facebook Streaming Adds ‘Harry Potter,’ ‘Inception’

Yogi BearAfter launching their first Facebook movie streaming endeavor with The Dark Knight earlier this month, Warner Bros. is picking up the pace by adding a few more titles to the experiment. Fans of the Warner Bros. Facebook page in the U.S. only can rent The Dark Knight for 48 hours for the price of 30 Facebook credits, or three dollars. The studio just launched streaming for Life as We Know It, Inception, Yogi Bear, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The first three — the newest titles — will run you a little more than the more classic options. Inception, Life as We Know It, and Yogi Bear will all cost you 40 Facebook credits, or four dollars, while the Potter flicks will run the usual 30 credits. It seems a little much for a rental that you’ll likely watch on your computer screen, which isn’t the most pleasant film-watching experience, but it’s on-par with other instant one-off rental services like Amazon and iTunes and the Facebook service boasts an interactive feature that allows you to talk to others via Facebook while you’re watching the movie.

Of course, you can sort of do this already thanks to services that tie Facebook to instant messenger or texting or actual social interaction — you know, like doing things with actual other people, not their online profile pages. This addition to the service is infinitely distracting, especially when it involves films like Inception or The Dark Knight; both Christopher Nolan films are sort of full-attention commitments. Even so, it looks like the venture is doing alright, at least for now, because I doubt Warners would push forward if the dry run was a complete flop.

Source: CNET