‘Catching Fire,’ ‘Gravity,’ ‘Wolf of Wall Street': What Are Our Six Most Anticipated Movies of the Fall?

Hollywood just scored its biggest moneymaking summer ever. But it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down as we enter the fall. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will show viewers the further adventures of Jennifer Lawrence‘s plucky Katniss Everdeen — and rake in a cornucopia’s worth of box office dollars. Alfonso Cuaron’s lost in space drama Gravity is drawing major Oscar attention, as is Robert Redford for his turn as a marooned yachtsman in the lost at sea drama All Is Lost. And there are a whole bunch of biopics comings out, from the adrenalized portrait of 1970s racecar drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda, Rush, to Naomi Watts as the late Princess of Wales in Diana, and Leonardo DiCaprio as a highliving stockbroker in The Wolf of Wall Street

Hollywood.com’s Christian Blauvelt sat down with CBS 2’s Dana Tyler on Eye on New York to discuss these movies and help you decide what to see. Check out his Fall Movie Preview above or at Eye on New York‘s website here.

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