Fashion Icons Praise Edna From ‘The Incredibles’ In Video


Edna Mode.

The designer of the Stars and Heroes.


In 2004’s The Incredibles we were given a character that would be quoted and loved by many. Edna Mode designs super hero costumes who was above the top like no other.  It would be an honor to get a suit from her, and when the Incredibles made their return, Edna came out of retirement to design them suits that would live up to her name.

The designer isn’t famous for just her superhero suits, but also designer to the stars. In the above video, Stars of the runway, both designers, and models, praise Edna Mode. Zac Posen, Heidi Klum, Kendall Jenner, Nina Garcia, Winnah Adwabi, Windy Aulia, Leonah James, and Kate Young all discuss Edna Mode’s epic dresses that can’t be beaten.


Check out Edna’s newest designs when ‘The Incredibles 2’ releases on June 15, 2017.