Fassbender Filming a Scene with Gosling? Internet Hangs in the Balance — PHOTO

fassbender gosling malickMove over, Nessie — there’s a new blurry, grainy photographic mystery in town and its name is Fassy. The elusive Fassy, as folklore will tell you, is an attractive landshark that is not only a respected actor in Hollywood, but one that can golf with its hands/fins behind its back. The mind boggles. 

Now, imagine, if you will that this Fassy — which also responds to the name Michael Fassbender — came in contact with a Goosey. Goosey, in case you don’t have the Internet or ABC Family for the 700th airing of The Notebook today, is something even more elusive: the perfect man. Experts sometimes refer to the desirable creature as Baby Goose, or simply, Ryan Gosling

Never have the two mysterious beings been photographed in the wild together…until now. This delightfully named Tumblr posted a photo of what appears to be the two stars filming a scene in Austin, Texas for a movie for the most elusive Hollywood creature of them all: Terrence Malick. The film, about intersecting love triangles, also features Rooney Mara, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, Cate BlanchettHolly Hunter, and Haley Bennett. (Though, how many of them will actually wind up in the final cut of the film will remain, well, a mystery). 
Hollywood.com reached out to Fassbender’s rep to confirm if that is the actor filming a scene opposite Gosling for the untitled Malick project, but they could not immediately be reached for comment. Conspiracy theorists, go to town on that one! 
Now squint your eyes, check out the photo (which has strong evidence to back up the glorious claim) and determine if Fassy and Goosey really do walk among us commoners, together.

[Photo credit: Brown Girls Love Fassy]


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