Fifty American Titles For The 4th

Fifty American Titles For The 4th

Team America: World Police Movie Still: Sarah, Joe, Chris, Lisa and Gary
Sarah, Joe, Chris, Lisa and Gary in Team America: World Police

In the spirit of the Fourth of July, has put together a list of fifty movies with the word “America” in the title. Movies that have truly exemplified what our country is about. Movies that have made us appreciate our history and freedom. Movies about love, passion, overcoming obstacles… and a talking can of vegetable soup

Air AmericaAIR AMERICA Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr. debate the morality of flying drugs to Laos during the Vietnam War

AMERICA, AMERICA A Greek kid loses a lot of money and wants to come to the U.S.

AMERICA’S SWEETHEARTS Julia Roberts and John Cusack like each other

THE AMERICAN George Clooney is involved with assassinry

AN AMERICAN AFFAIR A young kid works in the Kennedy era for a woman who has great semblance to Marilyn Monroe

AMERICAN ANTHEM Some girl convinces a retired gymnast to do gymnastics again

AMERICAN BEAUTY Kevin Spacey wants to sleep with a teenager; his neighbor films litter

THE AMERICAN CAN Will Smith’s upcoming film on Hurricane Katrina

AN AMERICAN CAROL Michael Moore and Charles Dickens are treated with contempt

AMERICAN COWSLIP They actually misspelled “loser” in the trailer for this movie

AN AMERICAN CRIME Catherine Keener holds Juno hostage for some reason

AN AMERICAN DREAM Police and gangsters pursue a murderous talk show host

AMERICAN DREAMER A writer goes to Paris and becomes delusional

AMERICAN DREAMZ A misguided melding of terrorism and televised singing competitions

AMERICAN FLYERS Kevin Costner and his crazy brother ride bikes in the mountains

AMERICAN FUSION A Chinese immigrant with a crazy family falls for a Mexican doctor

AMERICAN GANGSTER Denzel Washington gets rich doing bad things

AMERICAN GIGOLO Richard Gere paves the way for Rob Schneider’s career

AMERICAN GRAFFITI The 60s were better than other times

AMERICAN HISTORY X Edward Norton is a pretty big racist for a while

AMERICAN IDIOT They’re making the Green Day album into a movie now

AMERICAN OUTLAWS Colin Farrell is a very modernized Jesse James

AN AMERICAN IN PARIS Gene Kelly is involved in a love triangle, for a change

American PieAMERICAN PIE A bunch of kids try to lose their virginities

AMERICAN PIE 2 Those same kids get a house on Lake Michigan

AMERICAN PIE 3 / AMERICAN WEDDING The main kid gets married to the girl who started as a one-off joke

AMERICAN PIE 4 / AMERICAN REUNION One of the kids is probably going to get caught in a compromising position

THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT President Michael Douglas loves Lobbyist Annette Bening

AMERICAN PSYCHO Christian Bale wears suits, likes Huey Lewis, and kills people

AMERICAN SPLENDOR Paul Giamatti as Harvey Pekar in the cartoonist’s biopic… which also stars Harvey Pekar

AMERICAN STRAYS Ten nut jobs drive through the Midwest; there’s a lot of killing

AN AMERICAN SUMMER Modern reimagining of Tom Sawyer, sort of

AMERICAN TABOO A photographer prefers to take pictures than to talk to people

AN AMERICAN TAIL Fievel makes us all believe in hope

AMERICAN VIOLET A black single mom is racially-profiled for dealing drugs in Texas 

AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON There’s an American werewolf in London

BIRDS OF AMERICA Matthew Perry’s siblings are out of their minds

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER Skinny Brooklynite will become the ultimate soldier and save the world

COMING TO AMERICA Eddie Murphy in whiteface tells a joke about spoons

IN AMERICA Family of Irish immigrants adjust to American life

KIDS IN AMERICA Claire Dumphy is an unreasonable high school principal who incurs the wrath of her students

KIT KITTREDGE: AN AMERICAN GIRL Abigail Breslin proves that all kids are smarter than all adults

KNUTE ROCKNE, ALL AMERICAN Ronald Reagan makes the most parodied movie speech ever

THE LAST AMERICAN HERO Jeff Bridges drives past and makes his own liquor

Once Upon A Time in AmericaTHE LAST AMERICAN VIRGIN A group of friends fight, do drugs, have sex, and maybe learn a little something

ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA Robert DeNiro plays against type as a conflicted gangster

TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE Puppets fight al Qaeda, Kim Jong Il, and Matt Damon

THE QUIET AMERICAN Michael Caine is a reporter in the adaptation of a book I was supposed to read in college

THE UGLY AMERICAN Marlon Brando goes to Southeast Asia and takes offense to Communism

WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER Christopher Meloni fondles is sweaters