Film Adaptation Of ‘Voltron?’ It Could Happen!

Mother Fucking Voltron BabyHey, remember that 80’s children’s TV show that was nothing more than a combination of two Japanese anime’s spliced together with all the interesting stuff removed? Of course you do. This is Voltron we’re talking about and everyone (it’s crazy how a few dedicated individuals with too much time on their hands can seem like “everyone”) seems to love the shit out of this old school show. Fans have been clamoring  for a feature film adaptation for years and now it seems like it might actually happen.

World Events Productions, the company responsible for the American cartoon, finally got the rights to make a movie based on the beloved property and several producers have shown interest in financing the production. Among them are Ryan Kavanaugh’s Relativity Media, flush with cash and quickly becoming a major player in the production and distribution business. Of course Chuck Roven’s Atlas Entertainment had been developing a version of Voltron for the big screen for some time, as did Mark Gordon (2012, Source Code), who was working on the project from 2005-2007 when it was set up at Fox and New Regency. There’s no word on whether or not either will be involved moving forward.

Regardless, we could be seeing a Voltron movie in about 2 or 3 years. Of course by that time we might have actually invented robotic lions that link up to form a massive cyber-warrior with a sword. Serious question though: if you can invent a giant fucking robot, why would you give him a sword? Wouldn’t a big gun be a LOT easier? These are my questions. Answer them!

Source: Vulture