Film’s Most Unstoppable Career Duos

the girl with the dragon tattooIn order to accomplish something for the greater good, it’s always better to rely on others to help lead you to victory. In other words, teamwork is important! It saves time, it saves resources — and as the saying goes: Two heads are always better than one. No truer words have ever been spoken and it serves as an important commodity in the film industry nowadays. Rarely is any protagonist or heroic figure working solely alone — they need an accomplice in order to catch the bad guy, which is exactly what can be said about The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Here we have a journalist and a computer hacker working together to solve a 40-year-old murder mystery case and while they get themselves into some pretty sticky situations, they’re are no two people better equipped for the task, based on their experience in their particular field of interest. This dynamic pairing made me think of what other unstoppable career duos have previously graced the silver screen, making good triumph over evil again and again. Criminals don’t stand a chance against these powerful career match-ups. Check out my list below and see if you agree!

The Mummy: An Explorer and Egyptologist

Trying to un-resurrect a mummy is no easy feat, especially if he happens to be a really powerful mummy hellbent on getting his body (and his true love) back. But Rick O’Connell and Evelyn Carnahan are more than up to the task. With her extensive knowledge in Egyptology and his impressive fighting instincts, they make a great team in putting Imhotep back into the ground (sand?) where he belongs. True, they were the ones to accidentally resurrect him in the first place, but they more than make up for that little slip up with all the mummy ass-kicking that goes on throughout the course of the movie. Who knew Egyptian hieroglyphics could be so exciting?!

Silence of the Lambs: A Police Officer and Psychotic Killer


Not really the most conducive pairing to ever team up (given that he likes to eat people and everything), but Hannibal and Clarice prove to be the perfect duo to help bring down the very dangerous Buffalo Bill. Sure, Hannibal liked to play a few mind games with the female officer, but there’s no denying their little “therapy sessions” play a big part in allowing Clarice to get into the mind of a killer and therefore better track the girl-napping assailant. By herself, Clarice is a strong, intellectual woman with great instincts as a cop, but she’s way out of her element on this case and Hannibal’s just the right candidate to guide her. I mean, let’s face it, no one would know how a killer would act better than an actual killer. He may be a cold-hearted psychopath, but that doesn’t mean his input should be overlooked. As the saying goes — it takes one to know one.

Sherlock Holmes: A Detective and Doctor


With all the trouble Detective Sherlock Holmes gets himself into, it’s comforting to know he usually has a doctor on hand at all times. These two are almost the complete opposites of each other given Holmes’ care-free, adventurous way of thinking and Dr. Watson’s careful, precautious way of thinking, but together they balance each other out quite nicely. Let’s be honest, even someone as clever as Holmes needs saving once in a while and Watson is his perfect, reliable counterpart. And because of their dynamic teamwork, they never fail to catch the bad guy (and maybe nab a little romance along the way). Of course, these guys have had their share of close calls throughout the years, but as long as they stick together, they’re truly unstoppable.

The Dark Knight: A Police Commissioner and Superhero


Even Batman needs a hand now and then and Commissioner Gordon never fails to have his back. Couple Batman’s super-tech gadgets with Gordon’s control over the police force and you have all the makings of an unbeatable pair that even The Joker can’t defeat. Sure, Batman’s had to handle villains on his own at times, but even superheros could use a reliable alley to lean on in truly dire times of need (and Albert’s just too old to handle stuff like this), so Gordon is his obvious pick. Granted, usually a lot of buildings and vehicles get severely damaged in the process, but that’s just semantics when it comes to the safety of Gotham City, right?

Ocean’s Eleven: The Entire Cast of Thieves


Sure, you could argue with me that all of these characters fall under the category of “thieves” and you’d be right. But…thanks to this movie, I realized there are many different specialties when it comes to being a casino crook and in that, our characters are all very different indeed. While Danny serves as the ringleader of the group and usually comes up with the ideas, Rusty serves as the logistical heart of the crew’s operations, handling the finer, minute details of things. Then there’s Linus: pickpocket extraordinaire, Reuben: the gang’s financial backbone, Basher: the munitions expert, Frank: the inside man/card dealer, Livingston: the tech guy/surveillance specialist, and The Amazing Yen: the Chinese acrobat “grease man.” The list goes on and on! But the point is, these heists could not be accomplished by one man alone. They all need each other’s know-how in order to carry out each complicated theft, making them quite possibly the most unstoppable group of the bunch.