Finally, We’ll Get to See All of Jennifer Lopez in 3D

jlo concert movieJennifer Lopez is famous for many things — her movies, her music, judging American Idol, leaving American Idol, Bennifer, Gigli, being a fly girl, not being fooled by the rocks that she’s got – but the thing that she is most famous for are those bodacious curves. And if you think that JLo’s posterior looks good in two dimensions, just wait until she adds a third one.

Yes, she is going to be shaking her rump right out of the screen in her planned 3D concert movie Dance Again. She’s following in the footsteps of Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and the Jonas Brothers (Jennifer is definitely more famous for following the trends than setting them) and doing the performance for all of her adoring fans right there in the cineplex. But none of those other movies have been brought to you in Butt Vision, so that is certainly a technological achievement.

The film will chart a year in her life that included her break up with former husband Marc Anthony, her short stint on Idol, and went through more outfits than a million chick flick “girls getting ready” montages. We can’t wait to see it all, even if we’re going to have to keep our glasses on for the really good view. No release date has been set, but just like J Lo’s rump, I’m sure you’ll see it coming.

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