Find Out How Joaquin Phoenix Plans to Take Over the World

Charlie KaufmanYES. THIS IS AWESOME.

Okay, I know the flack that fans of Charlie Kaufman get—we only like him because he’s “different” and “existentialistic” and “meta-for-the-sake-of-meta” (which, really, is as meta as you can get), and we’re all just a bunch of unoriginal hipster contrarian wannabe artists without an original thought in our heads. FINE. I’LL ACCEPT ALL AND ANY OF THAT. I LOVE CHARLIE KAUFMAN, AND I LOVE SPIKE JONZE. AND THE DUO IS BACK IN ACTION, PEOPLE!

But there’s more good news. Joaquin Phoenix is involved. The man who channeled the spirit of Andy Kaufman to create a new movie/lifestyle: I’m Still Here. And again, I will refute any condemnation of this opinion: that was awesome.

The Kaufman/Jonze team brought us Being John Malkovich, a (great) movie about literally going into an actor’s brain, for some (great) reason, and Adaptation., a (greater) movie about the movie that this movie is, becoming the movie that it isn’t, which it does…become…you confused? Try watching the movie. By the way, it’s awesome.

This new film, slated to begin production next March, will be, reportedly, a political satire about world leaders communing to determine the undeterminable: future wars, gas crises, the works. Sounds a little contrived? Well, guess what? It’ll probably be intentionally contrived just to define what contrivance has come to be, which will be epitomized by the existence of a reality equivalent and yet entirely dissimilar to the reality in the movie that both encompasses and is encompassed by the other reality, which only exists beyond the movie itself—and in its own mind.

Confused? Embrace it. They’re back, people. THE DUO IS BACK.

Source: Collider