First Clip From Tom Hanks’ ‘Larry Crowne’

Tom Hanks hasn’t appeared on screen in a motion picture since May 2009, when he starred in Sony’s Angels and Demons (his voice work on Toy Story 3 doesn’t count in this case), and that’s far too long. I need a healthy dose of wholesome Hanks at least once a year. That’s what my doctor told me. Sadly, we only get one helping of him this year in Larry Crowne, a dramedy that he wrote with his pal Nia Vardalos and directed/produced as well (take that Clint Eastwood). It’ll have to hold us over until next year, when he could star in as many as four films depending on how their production schedules play out.

The film centers on a middle-aged who man reinvents himself by going back to college after losing his job. Universal Pictures will release it on July 1st, but we’ve got your first look at Larry Crowne in action with this clip (from Jimmy Kimmel Live), which also features the one and only Julia Roberts. Check it out below!

Source: YT