First ‘Immortals’ Trailer Drops

I’ve kept my ear to the chatter of the internet, and it seems the initial reaction to Tarsem Singh’s Immortals first trailer can be boiled down to “Cheap knock off of 300! Boo!” Granted, they said it more eloquently than that (at least some places did), but that’s the gist of it. And in response, I only have one thing to say:


This movie is going to be awesome. Pajiba said it best when they described Singh as “the Zack Snyder before Zack Snyder” and it couldn’t be truer. His eye is so much stronger than Snyder’s and its about time he’s gotten a decent budget. Seriously, if you have any doubts about this movie, go rent his last film The Fall (preferably on Blu-Ray or via Netflix Instant with a really strong internet connection) and then imagine that crossed with Clash of the Titans. Yeah, soon enough they’ll be saying 300 was the cheap knock off of Immortals that was somehow released five years before.