First ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’ Trailer Revealed



Since Iron Man debuted back in 2008, Marvel has been talking up their ambitious plan to bring The Avengers, a team comprised of their most popular characters, to the big screen. Regardless of the talk, I was skeptical—the only way the movie was going to get made is if the stars aligned. Each individual hero would need a successful debut film. Marvel would need to find stars willing to share the spotlight with the ensemble. The movie would have to cost more money then my feeble brain was even capable of imagining. The ambitious just didn’t seem possible.

Well, apparently it was possible. It’s happening. It’s here.

We’ve been teased with Marvel’s The Avengers (yes, that’s the official title) images for the past few months, some snazzy and official, others caught with the low-res lens of an iPhone, but the buzz has been growing steadily after the humongous one-two punch of this summer’s Thor and Captain America. So does our first look at the ultimate superhero film live up the hype?

While it’s great to see all the characters together, the film doesn’t have the scope I was expecting. Sure, entire blocks of New York explode, but when you have five of Earth’s greatest heroes teaming up to take down a destructive force, you expect something HUGE. That said, we’re still months away from the final product and Marvel’s definitely not playing all their cards up front. The trailer features a lot of each member standing alone doing their thing, but what I’m anxious to see is more of the playfulness featured at the tail end of the spot. Moments like Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark delivering his usual wit to a rather reserved, but grateful Bruce Banner (aka Hulk aka Mark Ruffalo). I love Captain America rapidly firing a machine gun as much as the next guy, but it’s the character’s interacting with one another that’s going to make or break The Avengers.

This is one of the biggest gambles of Summer 2012, so what do you think? For a teaser, it keeps my curiosity, while not leaving me entirely satisfied. Hopefully we’ll see more at New York Comic-Con this weekend!

Watch the trailer now on iTunes.