First Photos From ‘A Dangerous Method’

The first official photographs from the set of A Dangerous Method have been released and we got to see the world where Viggo Mortensen is Sigmund Freud and Michael Fassbender is Carl Jung. Also we get Keira Knightley in a little white old school dress, which is always a good thing.

Now let’s have some fun with this. In this picture, Viggo has a cigar in his mouth and he is portraying Freud. What would Freud say about this? What about the way he thrusts out his pelvis? Is he subconsciously projecting his repressed memories? Hopefully we can lay down on a couch, talk about this for three hours, and eventually come to the conclusion that I need medication.

Viggo as Freud

Keira Knightley


Source: Coming Soon