First Red Band Trailer For ‘Bad Teacher’ Debuts!

Summer might be the season that Hollywood blows giant action movies and sequels our of your ass (you have to have over 25 sequels per season for them to protrude out your butt), but let us not forget the raunchy comedy! Bad Teacher is the latest movie from writers Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg (The Office – yay! Year One – boo!) and director Jake Kasdan (Walk Hard – yay! Freaks and Geeks & Undeclared – YAY!) that stars Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel, Justin Timberlake and Phyllis (Smith) from The Office.

The trailer shows great promise. Diaz looks fantastic (though my nerdiness took hold when a flash shot of Paul Feig held my attention longer than her writhing around on the hood of a car) and actually seems funny – see Knight and Day for comparison. I’m also really glad more of the trailer was dedicated to Smith than either Timberlake or Segel, though I’m sure that will change in the clips to come. All in all, Bad Teacher looks like a decent film. It seems funny and irreverent (a slacker teacher looking to earn a bonus for a boob job to seduce a rich substitute) and has a solid cast. No further proof of quality is necessary when all Segel has to say is “hold my ball sack?” I’m definitely looking forward to summer now.

Source: Moviefone