First Trailer for the Lovely ‘Weekend’ Promises Authentic Romance

Haven’t had your fill of high-concept romance with One Day? Fortunately for you, that first world problem should be solved by English romance Weekend. The independent film stars unknown actors Tom Cullen and Chris New as a pair of gay men whose one night stand turns into a budding weekend-long romance – with an unavoidable expiration date. It’s sort of like dreamy Ethan Hawke/Julie Delpy romance Before Sunrise, but with two hot dudes for the price of one.

In this first trailer, watch the main characters Glen and Russell fall in love to the strains of indie rock. The trailer makes the whole thing seem kind of cutesy, but it’s gotten some great reviews (including this one from our own Matt Patches) and won the Audience Award at this year’s SXSW.

It’s always nice to see a romance break out of the “attractive, young, white, rich and heterosexual” bubble, even if it’s just into the “attractive, young, white, slightly less rich and homosexual” bubble.

Directed by Andrew Haigh, Weekend comes to the US on September 23, for a limited release.

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