5 Actors That Would Out-Rock The Rock in ‘The Fall Guy’

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Apparently the movie version of The Fall Guy, Lee Majors’ post-Six-Million-Dollar Man TV show, has been greenlit to begin and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is stepping in as the lead role. While I do like Johnson and he has, in effect, done a lot of stunt work wrestling in the WWE, I think he’s just a bit too exotic for the role – too brash, too loud. Here’s five actors that could have taken the role instead.

1. Bruce Willis

Willis always teeters on that line that borders cocky and annoying as all get out. He’d be perfect as a cool, smirking stuntman. Willis can do action, we all know that, what with all those Die Hard movies and two Expendables

2. Benicio Del Toro

Del Toro has that world-weary look that Majors was able to carry off on the TV, like “I’ve been through a lot. So don’t make me mad and punch you.” He’s also an imposing man at 6’1″ who looks like he would be able to do his own stunts.

3. Mel Gibson

Yeah, Gibson’s a loon. We all know that. But that would work to the movie’s advantage, because, deep down, stunt people have be plumb nuts to do some of the stuff that they do. It’d be a great in-joke.

4. Will Smith

Yeah. Yeah. He’s a black guy and Majors was white on the TV show. Plenty of roles get re-cast. Look at Heimdall in the Thor movies: he was white in the comics. Smith can carry the vibe well – watch him in Hancock. Stuntmen have to believe they are superheroes, after all…

5. Jackie Chan

Chan did all his own stunts for his movies, and often paid the price with multiple broken bones. Using Chan would be an awesome fourth-wall breaker, having him look at the camera before a fight in the movie, as if to say, “Can you believe I’m doing all my own stunts, AGAIN? In a movie about a stuntman?”

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