Five Clips From ‘Fast Five’

In case you didn’t know, Universal’s Fast and Furious franchise has become a global phenomenon. After four films and close to a billion dollars in worldwide gross, the action kicks into fifth gear with Fast Five on April 29th, which finds director Justin Lin helming his third consecutive entry in the series and Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson and a host of players from past productions returning to the fold to pull off a major heist. 

If you’ve seen the heart-stopping trailer, you know how ridiculously insane this flick is going to be. If not, or if you just want a more specific taste of what’s in store, check out these five clips which showcase the action and anarchy that Lin, producer Neal Moritz and co. have conjured for this Brazilian set adventure.


In what we can only assume is one of the final fights in the film, Dom and Hobbs beat each other to high hell.