5 Rumored Sequels No Film Fan Should Want To See

Five rumored sequels no film fan should want to see

Walt Disney

The sequels are coming! The sequels are coming! Okay, maybe it’s not quite on par with Paul Revere’s warning of the attacking British – but to film fans, it should be. Just when you thought it was safe again to enter your friendly-neighborhood multiplex (and possibly see something original) Hollywood is developing a whole slew of sequels in the hopes of capturing some of that old magic – and more pointedly, old box office. Still, as much as many are looking forward to new the Star Wars, the next Blade Runner or maybe even another go-round with Indiana Jones, several more movies are rumored to be on the horizon that no self-respecting fan should be placing on their respective must-see movie calendar.

Ghostbusters III

If there’s something smelly – in your multiplex – who ya gonna blame? Dan Aykroyd! Yes, the same man who ruined the Blues Brothers with an inferior sequel is developing Ghostbusters III – reportedly without Bill Murray. Now that’s scary.

Austin Powers 4

Let’s hope this idea finds that cryogenic-freezing chamber the shagadelic super-spy initially himself in. Surely, this entry would be anything but groovy, baby, especially in that the character hasn’t been funny in, oh, 16 years.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2

Look for CGI to replace the traditional animation on this one and for Disney or some other studio to eventually crank out yet another multi-million dollar franchise. Reportedly Robert Zemeckis is pushing hard for it.

Tron 3

Hoo-boy. Crank up the light cycles (and grab yourself a strong cup of coffee) it looks like Tron is coming back. Let’s hope a good story actually accompanies a slick look this time out.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure 3

Could the career of Keanu Reeves really slip so far as this? Co-star Alex Winter is telling everyone the movie will eventually get shot. Maybe Reeves took too many blue Matrix pills to believe this to be a good professional choice. Whoa.