‘Five-Year Engagement’ Adds Chris Pratt & Rhys Ifans

Chris PrattI’m not sure I can adequately express how excited I am for Five-Year Engagement. It started off fairly excited. Who wouldn’t be stoked for another Judd Apatow-produced, Jason Segel-penned and Nicolas Stoller-directed movie? Then we learn that Segel and Emily Blunt will star – that’s great but slightly expected. Segel attracts some top talent. Forgetting Sarah Marshall had Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell, the guy has an eye for lady talent. But then they go and get Alison Brie to co-star? WOOOOO!!! I thought my excitement had peaked for the movie, there was no way to be more pumped.

Then they go and add Chris Pratt and Rhys Ifans to cast.

It’s almost not fair. A cast this awesome just shouldn’t exist. Hollywood isn’t supposed to make smart moves like this. They’re supposed to put Miley Cyrus and Channing Tatum in some sequel and CGI the hell out of it. But Segel, Blunt, Brie, Pratt, and Ifans in one movie together? That’s too good to be true. With a cast as strong as Park and Recreation’s, Pratt consistently has the best lines on the show (probably second to Ron Swanson, but come on, no one can compete with Ron Swanson). And Ifans? That British bastard oozes charm with a razor sharp dry wit. Not to mention, he’s the Lizard in the new Spider-Man reboot.

I love it when Hollywood comes together and makes the right moves. Warms the cockles of my heart, it does.

Source: Hollywood Reporter