Forest Whitaker and Anthony Mackie in Horror Film ‘Vipaka’

Anthony MackieVipaka. Now that’s a marketable title. I want to know more. What is the Vipaka? Why does it command our attention? Who will be starring? Oh, I can actually answer that one—and it’s a bit of a surprise.

Forest Whitaker. The surprise is rooted in the fact that he’s a marvelous actor most affiliated with classy movies, and horror is a genre riddled with disrespect. But I suppose if I really have to explain why you would be surprised, it devalues the emotion entirely.

Forest Whitaker will be joined by Anthony Mackie in the acting ordeal that’ll be going on in this film. What I’m hoping: this pair of deft thespians will imbue what will plausibly be a good script with intense relatability and launch this horridly underappreciated genre to the plateau of admiration reserved for biopics about celebrities who overcame disorders.

Source: Indiewire