Forest Whitaker Talks Robert De Niro’s Zen in ‘Freelancers’ — EXCLUSIVE CLIP

Forest WhitakerAt the forefront of the cast of the upcoming crime drama Freelancers is one of America’s most incredible living actors: Forest Whitaker. As monumental a cinematic identity as the Platoon and Last King of Scotland star might have, he nonetheless feels humbled by the professional company of certain actors — one being his Freelancers costar, the great Robert De Niro. Whitaker explains in the exclusive video below that De Niro, whom Whitaker grew up watching on the big screen, embodies a “centered” behind-the-scenes presence, which results in fantastic performance (for De Niro and those with the privilege of working with him).

The film, which is directed by Jessy Terrero and stars 50 Cent and centers around a young man who follows in his murdered father’s footsteps and joins the New York Police Department, only to take up with some of the dangerous characters with whom his dad kept company, and to stumble upon the truth behind his father’s death. Check out the exclusive video featuring an interview with Whitaker, and catch the film on Blu-ray and DVD on August 21. 

[Photo Credit: David Edwards/Daily Celeb]


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