Former ‘Bourne’ Contender Now ‘Bourne’ Villain!

oscar isaacsOscar Isaac is joining the still-sparse cast of The Bourne Legacy. Legacy, the fourth film in the Bourne series, will focus on a new super-spy played by Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker). Isaac will play Number 3, a “brainwashed assassin” presumably in league with fellow villain Edward Norton. Rachel Weisz has also joined the cast.

Isaac is best known for playing the villain in Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood, and will next appear in the ridiculously well-reviewed drama Drive.

While the new Bourne film has lost director Paul Greengrass, the movie isn’t deviating much from its roots. Tony Gilroy, who wrote the first three Bournes, is taking over as director, and Matt Damon is expected to reappear in some capacity.

Not much is known about the plot of The Bourne Legacy, but odds are that there will be secrets, spies, and shaky cam. So much shaky cam.

Universal is planning to release The Bourne Legacy on an August 3, 2012.

Source: ComingSoon