Four Join Tony Scott’s ‘Potsdamer Platz’

Mickey RourkeI’ve been hearing a lot of noise about Ridley Scott’s upcoming projects recently, but anyone who is a fan of his work is also likely a follower of his younger brother Tony Scott. The filmmaker is currently in post-production on the Denzel Washington/Chris Pine action thriller Unstoppable, but has been talking up a pair of new projects lately that he intends to focus on after. It looks like the first will be Potsdamer Platz, a drama based on Buddy Giovinazzo’s novel about two members of a New Jersey crime family who look to expand internationally.

The Playlist (via French publication Le Parisien) reports that Mickey Rourke, Christopher Walken, Javier Bardem and Johnny Hallyday will star in the Lionsgate-distributed film. Rourke and Bardem were always in the running, along with the previously rumored Jason Statham, but I won’t be missing The Transporter star because the inclusion of Scott alum Walken is way more exciting. Also exciting will be a title alteration that will reflect the film’s changed setting from Germany to Puerto Rico, because I’m still not sure if I’m pronouncing it correctly.

The trade notes that Walken’s hiring came after Scott approached Al Pacino and the retired Gene Hackman. He was turned down by both and went after his Man On Fire star instead. Scott is known for repeat casting, as most of his films star Denzel Washington and he has an ongoing track record with the likes of Tom Cruise and Rourke as well.

In addition to Potsdamer Platz, Scott and Rourke are also prepping Hell’s Angels at Fox, a film based on Sonny Barger’s autobiography and that was penned by Scott Frank (Minority Report) and will be re-written by Stephen Gaghan (Traffic).

Source: The Playlist