Fox Not Yet Cast in ‘Buffy’ Movie

Buffy the Vampire Slayer producers have brushed off rumors that Hollywood siren Megan Fox has signed up to star in the TV show’s upcoming big-screen revival — insisting casting has yet to begin.

The title character in the bloodsucking series, most famously played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, was originally brought to cinemas in the 1992 movie of the same name, starring Kristy Swanson.

Gellar’s TV show ran for six years before coming to an end in 2003.

And Fox has been a rumored favorite to revive the series since studio bosses announced last month that they are looking for a new vampire slayer to take the story back to the big screen.

But producer Roy Lee insists that casting has yet to begin: “The rumors of Megan Fox being involved with Buffy are just rumors. As with any film project with a female lead under the age of 30, Megan is the actress that most studios want, so it is no surprise her name is mentioned. While I think she would be great for our project, we are still in the early stages of developing the script.”

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