‘Frankenweenie’ Pays Homage to Classic Horror Films in New Trailer — VIDEO


It’s no secret that Tim Burton is a fan of all things classic and horror. His films have always had that element in them–whether literal or implied. And with the newest trailer unveiled at Comic-Con forFrankenweenie, he takes it one step further with an adorably whimsical take on those old films. It’s a perfect match–the horror of reanimating the dead, coupled with the storyline of man’s best friend. If you’re a fan of old-school horror films, this will definitely make you laugh and smile: maybe not what those old movies meant to do, but it works here, now! Especially the music; it’s all a perfect complement to the Frankenweenie aesthetic and storyline. We think you’ll find it “thrilling!” and “spectacular!” but that’s just our old-timey movie fan that lives in our pocket talking.

What do you think of the newest trailer for Frankenweenie? Are you looking forward to Burton’s newest film? Let us know in the comments!

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