Would a New ‘Friday Night Lights’ Movie Do the TV Show Justice?

Credit: NBC

When Friday Night Lights finally ended its five-season run, its fans were sad but fulfilled. The show was excellent from start to finish, but by the time it went off the air, fans knew that the story was coming to a close. So how would they feel about a new Friday Night Lights movie?

When the cast reunited this weekend at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas, the topic of continuing the story came up. Scott Porter, who played paralyzed quarterback Jason Street, told Entertainment Weekly that another movie was a possibility. “I’d put 50/50 odds on it,” he said. “I’m so scared we would never be able to top the show. And I wouldn’t want what we did together tarnished in any way.”

I can’t help but agree with Porter. The show touched so many people (even those who weren’t football fans), and I don’t think a movie would do the story justice. Although the show in its entirety was great even when new characters were introduced after old ones graduated from high school, it was never as good after the first three seasons. I’m not sure a movie could capture the magic of those first years without giving us a storyline that felt forced. 

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