From ‘Dark Knight’ to ‘RoboCop’: Gary Oldman Bringing More Gravitas to Blockbusters

Gary OldmanGary Oldman: Professional Best Friend of Superheroes. The cinematic chameleon has mastered the art of vigilante confidantry with his role as Commissioner James Gordon in Christopher Nolan’s Batman series, and will find himself standing beside another do-gooder in a developing project — Oldman is signing on to join RoboCop.

Oldman will reportedly play a character called Norton, who works for the corporation that “creates” the title hero from the body of injured police officer Alex Murphy, who will be played by Joel Kinnaman. Norton will represent the dwindling humanity in the corporation, as he faces a struggle of conscience in turning Murphy from a man into a soulless robot. But hey, business is business.

The Oscar-nominated Oldman will conclude his turn as Gordon in The Dark Knight Rises on July 20. But clearly, he’s not done helping masked men maintain order. The inclusion of Oldman in José Padilha’s RoboCop remake boasts some class for a picture that, up until this point, could really have gone either way. Knowing that he’s on board affords a little more optimism to the developing picture.

[Photo Credit: Daily Celeb/David Edwards]


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