Disney’s First ‘Frozen’ Trailer Shows the Comedy, But the Adventure Is Coming

Nothing balances beauty and treachery quite like snow. A snow-covered landscape can stun with spectacular aesthetics, and inspire a shudder for the harsh climate that might befall all those traveling through. As such, it’s near perfect for an animated adventure story. Toss in the inherent comedy in a good fumbling through a mountain of fallen fluff or a futile attempt to cross a frozen lake, and you’ve scored that Disney charm. The first trailer for the company’s next CGI feature Frozen focuses on the light: a buck-toothed snowman (played by Josh Gad) strives to recover his lost carrot nose before a nearby reindeer gobbles it up. But those familiar with the source material, written by legendary fableman Hans Christian Anderson, will know that a good deal of thrills are coming as well. 

Credit: Disney

The story will follow two tundra journeyers (Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff) on a quest to find the Snow Queen (Idina Menzel) who has trapped her kingdom in a perpetuity of winter. Enjoy the visually stunning goofball humor in the first teaser, and catch Frozen in theaters Nov. 27.

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