‘G.I. Joe 2’ Probably Won’t Be In 3D, Thankfully

john chuWhat…. what happened here… I… I just woke up. My head hurts. There’s a slight ringing in my ear. No blood, that’s good. What’s going on… the sun looks… brighter. Is that birds I hear? They sound so happy. And that smell! It smells… like cupcakes! What’s going on?

G.I. Joe 2 won’t be filmed or presented in 3D! Let the celebrations begin!

Though the first film wasn’t shot or shown in 3D, Paramount had planned on adding another dimension for the follow up. The choice of director, Jon Chu, whose previous work on the Step Up franchise and Justin Bieber documentary included utilizing the format, seemed to heavily imply that the film would be either shot in 3D or post-converted. But no more! Woo! 3D just to be 3D never adds anything to a film, often darkens the imagery and amounts to little  more than a cheap money grabbing ploy. So to see a major franchise film choose to NOT be in 3D? Good sign, my friends. Or another sign of the apocalypse tomorrow.

Source: /Film