‘Game of Thrones’ Star Nikolas Coster-Waldau Joins Tom Cruise in ‘Oblivion’

Nikolaj Coster-WaldauIf you can handle all the life-endangering nonsense that goes on in Westeros on a daily basis, than hostile alien invasions should be no problem. As such: bring in Nikolaj Coster-Waldau for the new post-apocalyptic film Oblivion (formerly called Horizons), already starring Tom Cruise and, as we heard last week, Morgan Freeman. You might recognize (despite not really knowing how to pronounce) Coster-Waldau’s name from the Game of Thrones credits: he plays the Kinglsayer Jaime Lannister on the triumphant HBO series.

Oblivion stars Cruise as one of the few remaining people on Earth after an alien takeover forced humanity to skedaddle. Cruise’s character is a mechanic who has dedicated his life to repairing attack drones employed by the human race to impart demolition unto the alien species. Freeman portrays Malcolm Beech, head of the Human Resistance against the extraterrestrial foes. So, in all of this hooplah, you might ask yourself: Where’s Waldau?

Well, NCW will take on a character called Sykes, an impressively agile technology and weapons expert who will likely be a menacing force on the side of the Human Resistance. At least, we humans hope so.

Oblivion is written and directed by Joseph Kosinski from his own graphic novel of the same name.

Source: Deadline